Friday, February 09, 2007

Loaded rocks my socks...

So the other day I received my "sponsor package" from Loaded containing the Adam squared DVD, a cool t-shirt and a pair of their incredible sliding gloves.

First off I want to thank Pablo and Loaded Boards for sending us the loot and I also want to take the opportunity to praise their stuff. Not only is the t-shirt Eco-friendly, guaranteed sweatshop free and super soft, but it is also a piece of art. Great job on the quality!

Also, I've been a faithful viewer and I've been following his movies for years. I just love watching Adam's inspirational material and now I get to do it in full DVD format along with a handful of beautiful new clips. So thanks for that and I am looking forward to the new movies coming up!

Last but not least, I tried out the sliding gloves yesterday and they proved to be excellent. I was a bit sceptic at first seeing that the sliding plates were so thin. However, I soon noticed that they were very durable indeed and that they probably will able to last quite a while. They are very comfy and all you have to do is to pull of the plates and voila you have a pair of kick ass normal gloves to wear.

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