Thursday, June 07, 2007


We've got some terrible news readers... we cant use sebastians phone to upload piccies, at least not while in Hungary schmungary. We tried blogging the first day review but since it ain't up yet we can conclude that our methods do not work :(.
Anyhow I'll just have to write it again. So after arriving to budapest airport and reading in the lonely planet guide that Hungarian people all try to scam tourists we quickly judged a kindhearted man and almost blew our shot at some fine metro tickets which he was trying to give to us for free. All we can say is that lonely planet is wrong, hungarian people are all very kind and helpful, the only ones who're out to scam yah are the expensive tourist traps around the main street.

Ok so after arriving to Budapesch and rollin down some fine streets the rain started pouring, there wasn't much else to do except start downing beer (15 kr / pint).

When we came to after drowsing off in a pub we ventured over to the Green
Bridge hostel and were pleasantly surprised as to how clean it was and what good standards the rooms had.

After an awesome nights sleep we woke up to a sunny sky and were quick to eat our noodles and whip out the evos for an unforgettable ride along the banks of pesch. After 10km we had our first pit-stop at a private club, since we were foreigners they let us in even though we were sweaty and smelly. After a cold one and a crazy bus driver, who blocked us on purpose, we headed home. Now we know, Budapesch is city sculpted for longboarding.. Wonderful. Tonight we head out to party on a boat, its supposed to be reeeal hawt..

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Patty said...

DUDES! I'm so stoked for you guys!

Hope you're having fun, im cleaning toilets like whoa!

Dudes stay safe and clean, aight?

Much love, Patty.