Thursday, June 14, 2007

Split and Hvar

Dear readers, Erik and I are writing to you from a sunny split. We're afraid to say that we've been somewhat dumbfounded by the beauty of Crotia. Having deleted our previous post we would like to take some time to share our experiences of Split and Hvar.

We arrived to Split early last Monday and stayed one night. We felt it was a bit too touristy and we wanted to get away from the sundburned and stomach pouch-wearing tourists. Also after having been ripped off at a yacht club where we paid two days of food budget on one meal. We therefor decided to head over to the island of Hvar.

Firstly, just taking the catamaran boat was an enjoyable experience. Being accustomed to the Swedish archipelago we almost felt at home amongst these rocky and tree clad islands. We had no success in finding the hostels we had put down for our Hvar stay. Lukka's lodge was nowhere to be found and we had to settle for living in a "apartman" with a grouchy old local lady who spoke a mix between Croatian, German and a few words of English. Erik's German skills did come in handy!

On the first day we went out to see some sights. The mountain on which the fortress of Hvar was located was highly hikable and we are starting to wondering about their security measures. As for the longboarding, Hvar has little to offer in the likes of good asphalt. The only boardable spots was the boardwalk around the island which stretched from Hvar town to our rocky private beach. We did get some footage though so we are satisfied.

As some of you might have figured out, Hvar did have a lot to offer concerning the nightlife and bars. Although this, we were disappointed with the club. There was only one open during our stay and it was packed with meat-hunting and boat-owning oldies (Erik almost got picked up by a 35+-year old from Nevada).

Since we couldn't longboard we took interest in hiking. On the Second day we climbed what we perceived as the highest mountain Hvar had to offer. The hike took us about 2 hours and at the top we were treated with a remarkable view of most of the island.

After this exhausting hike we had to replenish our energy storage. With this in mind we went to Groda and ordered the Hvar town-renowned meat steak plate. A week of meat in just one night, that was a lot of protein! We literally broke a sweat by eating.

Enough about that, we are now waiting for the ferry to Ancora, Italy. We are going to go eat the wonderful Ceasersallad at pier here in Split. To sum up our stay in Croatia: good beaches, bad boarding, good hiking, bad clubbing and not a real good backpacking destination. However we loved it and we are leaving good memories and tanned skin.

Yours truely,


Vicki said...

any time! we love you guys! I've always been waitning to go to sooo jealous..but of course very happy for you;p
Love from your groupie Vicko

Mattias said...

road rash road rash !!!

Åsa aka Åsabåsa said...

Wow...o din morsa läser det här..? Haha, u r the brave! =)
Glöm inte bort oss som blev kvar här hemma bara, ha d! Puss puss

Em said...

Tänkte visa Andreas det jag läste för några dagar sedan, men men borta med vinden :) där ser man... kanske lika bra;)

Skönt att höra att ni har det bra och roligt att ni hänger med lokalbefolkning! Det är även bra att ni äter god mat!(dvs. inte bara lägger pengar på öl och kalla drinkar)
Jag vet inte om det bara är jag, men vart kan man se bilder? Vore sweet om ni la upp några snart så man får bli lite avundsjuk.

Hoppas att italien bjuder på bra backar! kramar Emma