Friday, June 08, 2007

What? Statue Park? This is small country of Erde!

Ok so we just got back to our hostel after a 50-60 km board-outing. Exhausted and soon it's time to hit the bars.
This is what happened; We were planning to go visit the statue park of communist leaders. It's located in southwestern Buda and after calculating by the hostel maps we came to the conclusion that it was about 4km away.

We packed up our bags with water and compeed and started pushing. half an hour later we get to the train-station and know we can almost smell the moldy statues from the communist era. We keep pushing but there is no park in sight... After 20 mins we stop and ask for directions since we're completely lost.

A kind hearted man tells us our location on our map and tells us to backtrack and then take a left, we do as he says and after an awesome hill, that kept us rolling for 10 minutes and god knows how far, we come to a ducati store and decide to get our bearings since we have to be close by now.
The storekeeper goes "What? Statue Park? This is small country of Erde!" You'd think there would be borders or at least a sign.

After being lost for about an hour we decided to give up on our plans on the statue park I mean how exiting can a couple of statues be eh? And pushed in the direction we thought was back towards Budapest. That was 3 hours ago. Phew now I'm almost sweaty for writing this much so quickly Sebastian is pressuring me to go out. Well we're off, next time you hear from us we're hopefully writing from Hvar, Croatia! TOODLES

P.S If landyacthz is reading, I'm pretty sure we got you at least 1 new customer here in Budapest, people stare their eyes out on us as we roll down the streets and about 3 hobos have tried to ride em. But seriously we talked to a father who was thinking of buying his son one for his birthday!


Mattias said...

Faaaan vad najs det låter, keep the blogg updated


mr cool said...

Have a cool ride !

Em said...

Hej Hej, Tack för trevlig läsning hoppas ni fortsätter bloggandet i samma seriösa anda! Synd att ni missade parken, den är rätt cool, men som jag minns det låg den högt upp och långt utanför stan (åkte buss såklart, slapp som jag är) Ha det gott!/Emma

mor said...

nu vill vi läsa lite om split